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Transformer-less 230V Power Supply convert in to 3V/5V/6V/9V/12V

If you make electronic projects, you always use power supply to operate them. If it is not an experiment, your project will be a part of your home, warehouse or any ware. The problem always come is that how to give the power to the projects.

Why are you need a transformer less power supplies?. If you think like this, I will give you ew reasons that why we need transformer less power supply.

  1. If you buy transformer for the project that required low current, it is more cost.
  2. If you use batteries, you have to change it regularly.
  3. You can give the power to few LEDs without an issue.
  4.  You can make project smaller.

The souse of power is more important to operate the devices. If you use batteries you have to change it frequently when the battery is dry out.

I know, you are always willing to give a power supply without interruption to your device as well as less maintenance cost.
This lesson and the practical work from SetNfix is giving you a solution for that matter.

Watch This

Following circuit diagrammed is very simple and more practical one. If you make it, you must aware about the Direct Current because it is caused to injure you.

Transformer less power supplies Circuit Diagram

  • C1 = 474pf (400V)
  • C2 = 270uf (25v)
  • R1 = 470k(1/4W)
  • ZD1 = 3v, 5v, 6v, 9v or 12v Zener Diode
  • D1 = 4 x N4007 Diodes

Operation of the Circuit.
C1 capacitor work as a current reducing capacitor and interconnected R1 resistor discharge the current loaded in the capacitor. Then 1N4007 diodes make rectify the current from AC to DC and also C2 electrolytic capacitor help to smooth the current. The main part of voltage regulating is the zener diode.
Zener diode control the voltage and the voltage over the value of the zener diode will be discharged.

If you want to get more current , you can use .22Uf, 1 uf, 2.2uf or 3 uf capacitors  and also if you want to change the voltage you can change Z1 diode as 3v, 5v, 6v, 8v, 9v, 12v etc.
Be careful not to touch any part of the circuit when the AC power is connected. And if you have not experience working with AC, please ask from your elders or put it in the comments.

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  1. can i get about 2A or more ampere from this one using higher capacitor.. thank you

    1. You may, but it is difficult. you can get around 100 to 500Ma

    2. thank you.. and how can i get around 2 ampere.. which components do i need to change

    3. Easy way is using a mobile phone charger

    4. thank you for the advice. i thought about that.. i needed to power set of LEDs. mean 20-50 5630 SMD x 10 sets using 10 circuit.. any possibilities with that circuit? or any advice about maximum. better if LEDs are parallel. if not i will series
      thanks a lot
      thank you

    5. If you use for LEDs, you can use this circuit. But do not touch any part after the power is connected.

    6. ok.. thank you :))

  2. is this method more efficient than using a 220v-12v transformer??(like UPS transformer)

    1. No, this is only for using low level current.

    2. got it.. and thank you

  3. Please can i use 105/400v and 470uf 25v and ZD1 to do this 5v DC current

  4. Just 5v DC i need only

  5. How can I turn a 220v device into 5v/7v?

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