Monday, 13 September 2021

Car Battery Faults indicator : Low/Charge/Good and Engine Start/Alternator Testing

Due to the travel restrictions, i was unable to start my car around one week.

However, a day, I had an important work and I tried to start the car. The car did not start.

Then I checked the battery and the battery level was 8.7 volts. It is impossible. then I checked an un usual power consumption even the car is stopped. There was a simple wire short.
That time, I thought that if there is a way to notify that the low battery, It would be a great help to avoid such difficulties. Therefore, I decided to create this circuit and tested well.

You can build this on a vero board or on a PCB as follows.

Battery is Good, But need to be charged

Alternator is working well, Battery is good and the car engine started

Battery is low/bad

Watch the details.

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