Thursday 24 December 2020

Vibration sensor with arduino : Car Security Idea


This is another sensor for arduino. This sensor is vibration/shock sensor which can be used as a detector of vibration. You can specially use this to identify the vibration such as an impact with another device . For an example, you can use if the vehicle is hit by some one when the car is parked etc.

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There are couple of sensor which can be used as vibration sensors. you can see as follows,

However, i have used this 3rd sensor of the above sensors, You can use any of the above.

The circuit diagram is as follows,

The code is as follows.

You can change the sensitivity having changed the following amount. I have used it as 100 now

If you want you can use a relay instead of the LED. however, you have to use a transistor for relay.

I can help you to do more modifications with this circuit. For an example, if the car is parked and some one hit the car an ran away, you can power on your Dash cam or/and a siren, I will give you a sample circuit as follows,


1. Give regulated 5V from car BTT+ wire having regulated the power (7805).

2. Connect + wire of car security unlock wire to the U3 relay.

3. Connect the device which need to be activated to the U2 relay.

4. If the sensitivity is 100, if the car is hit with that much of hard, the device connected to the U2 relay will be activated.

5. When you click Unlock the car, the relay will off. or you can code to give a delay as you want.

6. If you want to keep the device on until you press the unlock, change the code deleting delay part and digitalWrite(LED,LOW); part.

If you have any doubt please comment.

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