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How to Make Bench Power Supply and Battery Charger with Switching Mode Power Supply


This is about how to make a bench power supply and a battery charger using a switch mode power supply. The important part is, the most of bench power supplies are with 5 amperes or 10 amperes. Bu you can build your own one with 30 amperes for a low cost.

Since this project is built on the same power supply casing, you will not need an extra casing to use.  

You will need the following parts to build this,


1. Switching Mode Power supply unit : Click Here

2.Volt Meter : Click Here

3.Battery Overcharge Protector : Click Here

4.Banana Jack base : Click Here


6.Wire Code

7.Power Switch

8.DPDT Switch

9.Wires, connectors, leads


1.Soldering Iron
3.Wire cutters
5.Drilling machine
6.Cutting machine, etc

STEP 01.

You have to find the voltage adjusting variable resistor of the power supply unit. Then remove it and replace the same value of a potentiometer.


Cut the necessary holes to mount the volt meter, power switch, banana jack base, DPDT switch as shown in the video.


Use the following wiring diagram to wire the accessories.

The reason for using a DPDT switch to change the mode from bench power supply to battery charging unit. Since this battery overcharging unit need 6 volts minimum to run the unit, you can not use the batteries lower than that voltage to charge.

Make sure you have used a power code with earth wire connection. Because this PSU casing is made of metal.

Watch the following video for more details

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