Monday 31 July 2023

3.7v to 1.5v Power Supply for Wall Clock


As you aware that normally wall
clocks are powered by 1.5v battery. However, those batteries are dried out
within couple of weeks. Therefore, I planned to use a battery with 3.7 volts
for the wall clocks converting the voltage in to 1.5v.

My intention was to use Voltage
Divider theory. The following circuit is used for voltage divider.

I used 1k resistor for R1 and 1.5k resistor for R2. Since the supplied power is
3.7v, the formula is as follows.

can see the power output is around 1.5v. But this did not worked for alarm
clock. However, I added 10uf capacitor for the power outside.

Follow the video instructions and you also can use this project for you wall clock as well.

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