Monday 26 June 2017

Free energy for Mobile phone charging with Land phone connection

Most of people have land wired telephone line connection. Have you ever think to get the power from that land connection? as we know it is required a power supply to operate the lank line. Even thought the electricity supply is disconnected over lank line works well. The reason is that the power for the land phone is being supplied through the telephone wire itself.

When we are in a trouble about charging our mobile phone in case of main power is lost, we can use this land telephone line power as an alternative power supply to charge the mobile phone.

This is the way.

First we have to understand that lank line is powered by AC current. when the phone is ringed that voltage go up around 100v. Therefore we have to limit and regulate the power so as to constant the voltage DC 5V.

Important to note that when the land line has a phone is ringing, the voltage will be more. Touch the wires carefully.

Circuit Diagram as follows

However the circuit is as above it is more secured to apply a bridge rectifier and some capacitors as following circuit diagram. 

(Use IN4001 Diodes for D1 to D4)

Please note that its your own risk to prepare and apply this circuit and i do not response for any damage occurred due to use of this circuit.

You can install the completed kind in a telephone connection box like below

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