Thursday 6 July 2017

Recover CFL Bulbs like a pro : Rebuild Circuits

CLF lamps are most efficient electricity bulbs before coming LED lamps in the world. However comparing to other filament bulbs the cost is little higher. Therefore in case of a bulb is burnt it may be a big loss. There are some common reasons to burnt a CFL Lamp 

01. Fault in the circuit

     1. Transistor fails

     2. Diode fails

     3. Big cap fails

     4. fuse of inductor coil fails

     5. most rarely transformer may also fail

02. Fault in the Bulb - it may be one side or both sides.

In this case we can re use CLF bulb whatever happened to the circuit but only one side of the bulb is burnt and other side works well.


You can carefully remove the bulb from the driver circuit then,

1. First we have to identify the good side and the bad side. Therefore you can use 12V DC power supply to check the working side and burnt side.

2. Not connect two terminals of working side of the CFL bulb ans apply the following circuit.

WARNING - Please make sure that you are aware about the risk working with Alternative Current.

Before connect to AC please check the circuit again and use resisters with correct Watts and capacitors with given voltages.

I made it on vero board and it is working well,

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