Sunday 31 March 2019

Shrinking Arduino with ATTINY13 # 01 : Wiring For Programming

Arduino projects are now very famous. The most famous IC is
ATMEGA328P. This chip has 28 pins. But the problem is, if you want only few
inputs and outputs, this IC is too big. Therefore we have to find a smaller IC
to do the programming.

This is the 1st part of another important tutorial on arduino programming. You already aware that Atmega 328 and Atmega 2560 programming ICs. Atmega 328 has about 20 programmable pins and also Mega 2560 has more than 54 programmable pin.

Howeer, when we are programming, I also feel the same problem when we do the programme only for small projects. Sometimes we need only one or two pins and we may need to make the circuit in a small place.

In case of like that, if we use atmega 328 most of pins are not in the use. Therefore I identified that a solution to shrink this projects.

These ICs are call as ATTINY. The benefits are low cost, small size, and not additional parts.

In this tutorial series, I will use ATTINY 13a-PU CHIP for programming.

We cannot directly programme this IC. Therefore, we use Arduino board to upload the programmes. I will show how to wire for programming ATTINY 13a with Arduino Uno.

ATTINY 13a Programming

Once wiring is done, you can start programming. But you have to Burn the BOOTLOADER to ATTINY 13 IC. Shall we learn it from next tutorial?


If you have any doubt, please put it in the comment below.


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