Friday 26 April 2019

Shrinking Arduino with Attiny 13a #2 : Burning Bootloader with Uno

If you
follow my previous tutorial, now you know how to shrink Arduino circuits using
ATTINY 13a. However, as usually you have to burn the Bootloader before start
programming. The interesting part is, wiring for burning bootloader and wiring
for uploading codes are same. I have already done a tutorial about burning
bootoader to arduino Chips. This process is also similar to that process, but
you have to do the following settings to do so.

If you
have already read the burning bootloader tutorial for ATMEGA328, you may have
an adea about burning bootloader. The process of burning Bootloader is as same
as the ATMEGA 328P.

Make a shield

Step 01.

Go to File > Preference

STEP 02 : Enter the following url in the box "Additional Boards manager URLs

STEP 03: Tools > Boards > Boards Manager

STEP 04 : Search ATtiny

STEP 05 : Click Install button and wait......

STEP 06 : Tools > Boards > Attiny13 or your board as per the chip number

Since I am using Attiny13a,

Now the setting part is completed. You can follow the steps as my previous tutorial for burning the chip.

If you have ant doubt, please put it in the comments below.


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