Friday 31 January 2020

How to connect Arduino hardware with your computer

Arduino Uno is the most easiest way to start IC programming. Not only for simple programmes but also for complicated programmes are also can make using this. You can see the complete tutorial from the video given in this web site. There are few types of Arduino boards

01.Arduino Mini


02.Arduino Mega

03. Arduino Uno

04.Arduino Micro

Among these boards, Arduino Uno is the most famous one and very easy to use it.

Follow this video for more information


First you have to buy arduino uno board with chip, it is ATMEGA 328.

Then go to arduino website and download arduino software and drivers.

You should download the correct software related to your operating system.

Now extract the zip file and open the folder,

Then click on arduino.exe and run the software.


Let's Configure the strings

01. Tools >Board>Arduino/Genuino Uno

02. Tools >port>COM3 ( The port as per your pc)

03. Tools >Programmer>AVRISP Mkll

Now your board is ready to use.

You can check it with example programme.

You need following things

01. Project Board

02.120 ohm Resister


04. Jumper wires

Follow the systematic.


Go to Files > Examples > Basics > Blink

Then Click Upload Button

It will take a time to upload and the LED will blink.

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